"Vecherka" talked with the founder of Yappix company Renat Usmanov and deputy director Ruslan Ageev , who talked about the prospects for developing mobile applications and their unique advantages.

One of the successful operating projects of the Chelny Business Incubator is the international IT company YAPPIX CMS. Its author is Renat Usmanov. The company offers the market a wide range of information services. From support of ready-made projects to software proposals. The arsenal of offers from YAPPIX CMS includes website development, development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, software for desktop devices, testing and research of the IT market. YAPPIX CMS Application Builder (NO CODE) The idea of developing this product was born from the practice of using third-party builders, which seemed to the YAPPIX CMS team to be limited in design and functionality. So the idea was born to eliminate the shortcomings of others and make your own project. This makes the YAPPIX CMS (NO CODE) application builder more intuitive. Even people without programming skills can use it. The prefix (NO CODE) says just that. At the same time, the price for development from Naberezhnye Chelny, according to the creators, is ten times lower than the market price for creating an application from a web studio. It is worth noting that YAPPIX CMS (NO CODE) can be used by any business area, quickly making edits and placing your product on the two main platforms App Store or Google Play. YAPPIX In just a year of its work, the YAPPIX CMS team has managed to expand the range of its offers on the iT market. The developers and specialists of the Chelny startup are capable of not only mobile applications, but also any orders for the creation of games for smartphones with support for additional / virtual reality, work with artificial intelligence, neural networks, software for PCs and, of course, website development. Monetization and Success In 2018, YAPPIX CMS won a State Grant from the I. I. Bortnikov. Last year, a certificate of registration of computer programs and databases was received. In 2020, YAPPIX CMS raised $ 250,000 from a private investor and plans to double that figure in Round 2. Executive Director of YAPPIX CMS, Ruslan Ageev: - Our backbone, one might say, is international, there are developers from Kazakhstan, Donetsk, Crimea. They are willing to work at night and willingly help interview programmers as we continue to expand our team. The guys themselves created a number of tasks for a total check of the competencies of candidates, because they believe in what they are doing and are very jealous of newcomers. This is not surprising, because when the project hits, they will also be its co-authors. Detailed information about the YAPPIX CMS project, examples of the team's work can be found on the website: yappix.ru Mail: sales@yappix.ru Telephone for communication: +7 499 938 60 44 Address: Naberezhnye Chelny, Mashinostroitelnaya 91, office 14.02, Material taken from the source : https://v-chelny.ru/online/rezident-chelninskogo-biznes-inkubatora-yappix-cms/

Material taken from the source: https://v-chelny.ru/online/rezident-chelninskogo-biznes-inkubatora-yappix-cms /

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