The newspaper wrote an article that we have developed a number of mobile applications for Trade Union organizations, how it is useful, what is the purpose and perspective of the transition to the web level.

More and more original projects appear at the Russian trade unions. The best ones were awarded with prizes and diplomas of the "Trade Union Avant-garde" competition in the "Novation" category, which is annually held by the "Solidarity" newspaper. Initially, the idea was that the best examples of everything new appearing in trade unions: technologies, work algorithms, manuals - could be used by other trade organizations, including those from another trade union. To this end, Solidarity is opening a new rubric, in which the projects will be told literally “on the fingers” so that it is clear how to repeat this innovation ourselves. How much money, effort, time and other resources will be required for this. There would be a desire! Read, do! Come up with your own and send to the next competition. Today - acquaintance with the mobile application "Profkom". Vitaly Eremenko, deputy head of information, youth and international work of the Moscow regional organization of the trade union of health workers, spoke about him.


Mobile application "Profkom".


Moscow regional organization of the trade union of healthcare workers of the Russian Federation. Number: more than 80 thousand members of the trade union. Chairman - Anatoly Domnikov.


To promptly inform people about the activities of the trade union and provide them with a convenient opportunity for feedback.


Work on the creation of a mobile application began in 2015. There was no experience, so we turned to professional developers. Having studied the market for these services (prices turned out to be prohibitively high, from 300 thousand rubles), we entered into a cooperation agreement with the Russian company Yappix on special, mutually beneficial terms. The company started developing the application with subsequent fixes and changes to its versions. The resulting product opened up the prospect of partnering with a wider union audience. The first version of "Profkom" was assembled with the help of special software - a designer of mobile applications. The testing lasted eight months, in which 307 activists of the youth councils of the trade union participated. Based on the test results, changes were made to the application. It turned out that the constructor of mobile applications is not quite suitable for servicing a specific trade union structure, and a separate platform for the Profcom mobile application was created. Since the end of 2016, the new version has been available for download on smartphones on the AppStore and GooglePlay resources. Within two weeks after the presentation of the application, about 250 installations were made. Now "Trade Union" has over 700 users. Several other organizations have already followed the path of the Moscow regional organization of the trade union of health workers. Three more mobile applications have been created on the Profcom platform. This was done by the Moscow regional organization of the trade union of workers of public education and science, the Arkhangelsk regional organization of the trade union of health workers, the Perm regional organization of the Russian trade union of workers in the chemical industries.


The mobile application "weighs" less than 3 megabytes and has a simple, intuitive administration system, which even a person without experience can quickly master. In the administration (in the placement of materials), the information department of the regional committee, the chairmen (or those responsible for information work) of city, regional and primary trade organizations are involved. After downloading the application, the user is asked to select a city and a primary trade union from the list. To register, you must enter your name. No logins and passwords: the user is identified by his smartphone. The information is sorted into sections depending on the level of the trade union structure: there is news from the primary organization, city committee, regional committee, and the Central Committee of the trade union. In a separate section of the menu there are announcements of regional and all-Russian events held by the trade union. The “Polls” rubric is designed to help not only and not so much in analytics as in the prompt solution of the problem. By asking a question, the chairman of the trade union committee can get the collective opinion of the union members - and use it, for example, as an argument in negotiations with the employer. In the section “Apply” you can send a question to the specialists of the regional committee of the trade union. The appeals received are sorted and sent to the appropriate specialist, who then finds out if the author of the question is a member of the trade union. If yes, an answer is being prepared. If not, they call the author on the specified phone number, explain what's what, and advise him to contact the trade union committee.


50 thousand rubles - creation of a mobile application, and 3 thousand rubles. per month - maintenance of its uninterrupted operation. The application is free for users.


Need to make union members know about the mobile app. For this, information is disseminated through all resources: from stands of primary organizations to the website of the regional organization and social networks. A promotional video has been created, which is posted on the Internet and is shown at trade union events. Meetings with trade union activists, presentation speeches are planned. A competition for the best advertising video and poster for a mobile application is being prepared ... It is necessary that those responsible for information work (or chairmen) of city and primary trade organizations regularly post information for the mobile application, which can be done through any device: computer, tablet, smartphone. For this, a manual has been developed with a description of the application and the administration system. Trips to regional organizations with special seminars are planned. The application needs to remain mobile in essence, changing in accordance with the user experience. For this, for example, the possibility of placing not only a photo, but also a video is being considered - provided that the “lightness” of the application is preserved. Opinion of the head Vladimir Bespyatkin, deputy chairman of the Moscow regional organization of the trade union of health workers: - When we visit primary organizations in our region, we are convinced that ordinary members of the organization know little about the activities of the trade union. Therefore, the idea arose: in addition to the already existing methods of informing, create a mobile application to convey information to everyone and to receive feedback. The idea has been implemented and, I think, will be widely used in the informational component of trade union work. Through the mobile application, the legal department has already begun to receive questions to which answers are being prepared, and there is a connection with those people who ask these questions. This is important: we proceeded from the assumption that the application should work primarily at the level of primary organizations, so that in each medical institution all members of the trade union know what, where and how is happening ...

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