A resident of the Chelny Business Incubator on how the idea came about, the need to have a strong team and the conquest of Silicon Valley.

about the project

YAPPIX CMS is a native mobile app builder in conjunction with a website, AR / VR support and maximum customization. Optimized for 100+ business sectors. Reduces up to 99% of the time and money spent on the entire mobile app development cycle.

About the idea

There are many different constructors on the market. We worked as an ordinary web studio, so we bought one of them for work. The practice of use has shown how limited they are in design and functionality. So the idea was born to develop our own constructor, in which we will eliminate the shortcomings, relying on our experience, and most importantly, that it will correspond to the "no code" formula. That is, absolutely anyone who does not have programming skills can use it.

About product

Our constructor is moving away from templates. At first, this, of course, cannot be avoided, but later it will develop, expand the functionality, the choice will be very rich. Another advantage is its price. If you contact a professional web studio, the development of an application of medium complexity will cost you 300-700 thousand rubles. Using our constructor, its cost will decrease tenfold. In tens! It can also be used by any business. You choose a design or upload your own design, gain a set of necessary functions, for example, if your business is related to the beauty industry: an appointment with a master, reviews, added a cart, payment method, etc. And then just publish the app to the App Store or Google Play. In the process of work, you can edit functions, adjust the design.

About development

We are more focused on development in European countries and the USA. This is other money and other opportunities. It is not enough to create a product, it needs to be developed and refined, and marketing. We have enough capacity for a release, and then we need support to scale. Recently we passed the first expert commission of the venture capital fund Runa Capital, now we are preparing pilot functionality and mechanics for them.

About Business Incubator

In our first meeting with the head of start-up projects Elvira, I immediately said: "I don't know why I'm here." There was a certain skepticism - after all, I represented an established web studio, investments had already been attracted. But we decided to give it a try and saw a huge number of benefits. A cozy workspace, it's not a shame to bring people to the office, and this, by the way, is extremely important! In addition, it is very cool that there is always up-to-date information about competitions and grants. In general, the Business Incubator provides many useful tools for work.

About discipline

Every day starts with a greeting in the work chat. First, this is the ethics of business communication in a team. Secondly, it disciplines and trains self-organization. Days can be completely different: I either sit and work in the office, then at meetings with clients, then I decide organizational issues. But we always start the morning together with the team.

About the team

We (myself and the author of the project Renat Usmanov) are always ready to praise our guys: they are real fans of their business! Our backbone, one might say, is international, there are developers from Kazakhstan, Donetsk, Crimea. They are willing to work at night and willingly help interview programmers as we continue to expand our team. The guys themselves created a number of tasks for a total check of the competencies of candidates, because they believe in what they are doing and are very jealous of newcomers. This is not surprising, because when the project hits, they will also be its co-authors.

About goals

We want to break this market! Most IT products are unreasonably expensive. Our team comes out with an innovative product. We strive to ensure that ordinary people pay 50,000 rubles instead of 500,000 rubles. Yes, we will also make money. But with our decision we will definitely leave a mark on history.

Source: https://itpark.tech/news/komanda-yappix-cms-my-slomaem-etot-rynok-/

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