In 2020, we again passed the selection for the Business Incubator of Naberezhnye Chelny IT Park, becoming its official residents . With a new and bombing project, for which a large investor has already been found

3D interactive educational playground for learning the languages of the World through virtual scenes and fictional characters (native speakers)

Project goal: creation of a 3D educational game platform for learning languages by simulating real situations and scenes directly related to the student's stay abroad (the required language environment); distribution of the platform among educational institutions and organizations for subsequent implementation in their educational programs; to dispel the prevailing opinion in society, which contains a false idea of the laboriousness of language learning; to make the practice of the language with native speakers accessible to everyone under forced everyday (life) circumstances or the student's personal initiative; to stimulate students of schools, colleges, universities, employees of enterprises and pensioners, as well as other social groups and age categories to learn languages; to form in children of preschool and school age proactive behavior in the educational process. The objectives of the project are: development and release of a product containing the necessary technical capabilities for a comfortable stay in the virtual gaming space; modeling real landscapes and actors; creation of a new educational methodology based on active language practice with the introduction of VR technologies, speech recognition, using a neural network trained to recognize intonation and speech tempo.
The project is based on the active implementation of a neural network in the process of language learning. The technique is based on full-fledged language practice, which is realized directly through personalized virtual reality. There are no platforms on the market that compare to our design and approach. The consumers of the product are people from different age and social groups: from preschool children to the elderly, entrepreneurs, employees, self-employed, unemployed and retired people. the plots of the game, the target areas of learning the language are diverse.
The relevance of the stated problem is guaranteed by the constant need to learn foreign languages as quickly and easily as possible. The platform can be integrated into educational programs or completely replace them, while retaining the right to issue certificates and documents confirming the completion of training according to our method.

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