We present to your attention the most striking samples that were made in the period from 2015 to 2020. Unfortunately, we do not have the right to upload more than 20 samples on our website, as they may violate the legislation of your country, for example: sites for gambling, erotic content and of a political nature. And also sites under the NDA agreement.

Attention! We are not responsible for the provision of services on the sites of our clients, we do not participate in their business. We're just performers. If you find content in our works that seems offensive to you, then write to ceo@yappix.ru


Our programmers' accounts are TOP RATED on UPWORK . As an example, here is the account of Alexey Lyakhov.


You can look at the quality of writing the program code. We have 7 accounts, here is an example of 1 of them on Github


For 5 years we have been official entrepreneurship, we have already received worthy attention of a corporate client

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